hacked, pixel perfect website to secure, robust, responsive website

Rebecca Holaway of AAA Lux Villas operates villa rental website. Villa Owners can register their villa for renting and customers can browse through different villas and can book the desired villa for thier holiday stay.

AAA Lux Villas website was targeted by hackers and had been hacked 2-3 times. Due to this customers and villa owner's were losing faith and had severly impacted the business. Also the website was not doing great in terms of organic search.

AAA Lux Villas Desktop Website

In order to solve the hacking issue, we have completely rewritten the code to make it secure and robust. While rewriting the code we have worked on the web experience to make sure its user friendly to both villa owners and customers. We made it Responsive and worked on different touch points like mobile and tab, added facebook page, On-page optimisation.

AAA Lux Villas Mobile Website

After 6 months of relaunching the website, the results were tremendous. Bounce rate came down to 38% from 70%, Mobile and Tab visitors increased to 50% from 17%. Pages per session increased 5.83 from 2.9, Overall Google Analytics Goals conversion is of 65% and increased rankings in search engines.

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